In case you haven't guessed, my name is Alexa.



I like to paint, dance, and I LOVE to take photos. 

Photography is like magic to me. With a camera, you can freeze pristine moments in time or cultivate a whole new and unique world. I have spent a year or five experimenting with the tricks and the trade of this ability; one of my highest goals is to never stop learning and expanding. 

Speaking of learning, I am currently working on gaining two bachelor degrees; one in Film and the other in Sociology. I have many interests, but everything I do teaches me something new, things I can implement into my visual craft. 

I have experience in working with motion picture as well, and have spent a fair amount of time in front of the camera for both photo and video. People often ask me what I want to focus on, and I say all of it. I want to take any opportunity that allows me to create an image, no matter my "position" or "title". 

There is beauty in every place and person, and through my work, I hope to explore and capture the hidden wonders. Having the opportunity to photograph such a variety of subjects and spaces makes me the happiest girl alive.